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Team photo from Raleigh, North Carolina Feb 2019


Jhevani Dixon

Professional Boxer

Jhevani Dixon is a light heavyweight division professional boxer with raw talent, and a hunger for success that can’t be stopped. 

Born October 30, 1990 in Kingston, Jamaica, Canadian boxer Jhevani Dixon moved to Canada with his mother in 1993. In 2006, with his friend Kane Heron, he joined Mississauga-based HUF Boxing Gym. Heron’s uncle Andrew took the pair under his wing. The mentorship sparked Jhevani’s love for boxing and he dedicated his life to the sport. 

Jhevani went on to win the 2012 Ontario Provincial Gold Medal, and the 2012 John Degazion Tournament Championship. 

In 2013, Jhevani suffered his first shoulder injury in a gold medal match at the Ontario Provincials, then a second shoulder injury at the Canadian Championships in October 2013. In early 2014, Jhevani underwent shoulder arthroscopy surgery to address his shoulder injury, with a year and a half of rehabilitation. His comeback fight would be in October 2015 where he became the Bronze Glove Champion, a title he also retained in 2016. That same year, Jhevani became the National Silver Medalist.

Jhevani has tallied a record of 61 amateur fights.

A contender in the light heavyweight division, Jhevani calls Dewith Frazer’s Boxing Studio home, training daily to support his professional career.

Dewith Frazer


Dewith Frazer (Dewith's Boxing Studio) is a Level 4 Olympic Level Coach, Brampton Sports Hall of Famer, and former professional boxer. He was a 1984 Olympic quarter finalist. Dewith's Boxing Studio is a home of champions, Jhevani has trained under Dewith since 2009.

Ryne Furik


Ryne has always had a Passion for many sports, the two sports that have drawn most of his pursuits have been basketball and boxing. His interest in boxing began to deepen around the age of 16 where he began taking some classes with a professional boxer at Atlas Gym (Georgetown). This was followed up with many midnight sessions at HUF Boxing Gym (Mississauga), a multi-level building of converted from a grocery store where he was introduced to many amateur and a few active and retired professional fighters, including some former champions. As life continued, with the help of some familiar faces within the local boxing Scene, Ryne was encourage to Join DBS, and was welcomed by the family oriented and tight knit club.

When the opportunity to join TeamFSDixon presented itself, it was one that Ryne excitedly accepted as he truly believes in Jhevani's strong drive! Under the tutelage of Joseph Clifford (MinuteMedicineMan) he began his training as a Cutman. This quest for success has also merged his passion for helping others cultivate their talents with his love for the sport. Through Freshly Done Mgmt, Ryne has blended his particular skills with the athletic performance management and public relations side of the boxing business which will continue to lead quantifiable achievements and inevitable triumph!